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About Us


WHAM Clinics was established in 1989 and was named after its founder Consultant Dr. Wafaa Mehelba She led the first Aesthetic Center in Egypt & was always keen to attend international conferences discussing the topic to be always ahead & aware of all the latest technologies & techniques in this field.
Now WHAM has 3 branches, 2 in Alex and the third one in Cairo.

Her objective was to be the best & most trustworthy Aesthetic service provider, while creating a model in the Middle East region for other providers to copy.
During her journey she was always keen on educating others whether physicians or technicians through certified courses or the public through many community awareness events & activities.


WHAM Clinics is the place you seek for Health, Beauty & Aesthetic medicine. Our highly professional medical team will help you restore back your state of BODY, SKIN & MIND wellness. We have a team of Clinical Nutritionists, Cosmetic Dermatologists & Psychologists together with very well trained Technicians that are always pleased to solve your problem & make you happier & satisfied about yourself. Besides that we have visiting doctors of Plastic & Bariatric Surgeons that you can have their consultation as well for your optimum solution.

WHAM Vision

We believe in the power of our people and as such, aim to become the employer of choice for all medical, technical and service employees within our industry.
We aim to hold the majority market share and rank first as lifestyle and cosmetic medical providers in Egypt and the Middle East region by 2020.
We strive to be the largest institute for educating medical and non-medical staff in our field, through our historical internationally certified Academy by 2018.

WHAM Mission

Through our standard of excellence, we aim provide our customers with integrated lifestyle and cosmetic medical services whilst upholding consistency and integrity.
We strive to raise awareness through the education of our consumers in order to excel in our delivery of quality. In building long term relationships with our clients we aim to achieve one of our core values – clients becoming the best version of themselves in a safe, cost effective and medically supervised environment.


We care to make people self-confident & satisfied about how they look & feel about themselves. We provide them aesthetic solutions to make them feel more balanced. We don’t promise them any exaggerated changes or makeovers we just help you become a better you. We are keen to acquire reliable & credible Physicians & staff as this is what we care for the most.